Monday, 23 December 2013

promise FRIENDs


Thankz for being there for me
through good time and bad time
I'll always be side you even if the world ends
when the world is going
i will be here
the one I look up
the one that I run to when I have a problem
The one that I talk
You're the one person that always there for me
always give advice,always say dun GIVE UP ZATI !!
I wanna thank you for all the thing you gave me
you showed me your attitude towards me

A friend gives you so much hope
Like you can laugh when seldom knocks your door
Like you can stare at stars without a telescope
Whatever the reason…Friends give you so much hope
Friends are like a limitless shadow
Or maybe more like the mirror
No matter how broken they maybe
They make you look good even if in pieces
Friends are the incarnation of selflessness
The hand that drags you out of darkness at times
The fun that enlightens you when you’re already in light
May be more or less.
But whatever the reason…Friends are the best

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